Indie Band Jannabi’s Yoon Kyul Accused Of Assaulting A Woman After She Rejected Him

He had hit her after she rejected him.

It has been revealed that long-running indie band Jannabi‘s drummer, Yoon Kyul, has been reported for using violence on a woman on November 21, 2021. According to news reports, investigations by the police are underway.

The Seoul Gangnam Police Station reported that Yoon Kyul had been accused of violence. The incident took place at a restaurant that served alcohol in Apgujeong. The involved parties had been there due to an acquaintance’s wedding. It was said that Yoon Kyul was drunk and had struck up a conversation with a woman present. When the woman had rejected him, he had hit her on the back of her head repeatedly.

| Channel A

Witnesses on site claimed that Yoon Kyul had created a fuss, even throwing items around in the restaurant. The woman stated to the police that her head had been hit multiple times. Yoon Kyul is slated for his police questioning soon.

On the other hand, Yoon Kyul returned to his promotional activities in Jannabi in July 2021 after completing his army service. His company, Channel A, has not responded to media’s queries.

Source: Sports Khan