Indonesian Singer Lyodra Goes Viral With K-Pop Fans At The 2022 Asia Artist Awards (2022 AAAs)

She caught people’s attention!

The annual 2022 Asia Artist Awards (known as the 2022 AAAs) was held in Japan on December 13, hosting Asia’s biggest celebrities.

There is one celebrity, especially at the award show, that is garnering attention among K-Pop fans online…

A Stray Kids fan account (@hnjiqkka on Twitter) posted pictures of a celebrity on the red carpet ahead of The 2022 AAAs. She captioned it, asking netizens who the lady in question was because “shes so pretty.”

The tweet went viral with 41.9K likes and over 4K retweets at the time of writing. Some began to comment, revealing to the OP (Original Poster) that the woman is an Indonesian artist.

Finally, OP got the responses they so desired!

The beautiful woman is Lyodra Margareta Ginting, best known as simply Lyodra. She is a singer as well as an actress from Indonesia. She was the winner of both the A3 category at The 2017 Sanremo Junior Children’s international solo singing competition in Sanremo, Italy and Season 10 of Indonesian Idol. She is only 19 years old!

She has accomplished so much at such a young age and is considered Indonesia’s National “Sweetheart.”

Yet, she accomplished another great thing at The 2022 Asia Artist Awards. Lyodra was one of the winners of “AA Asia Celebrity.”

Lyodra’s performance of “Sang Dewi” at The 2022 AAAs is also garnering attention on social media due to her phenomenal vocals.

The video below has 599.1K views at the time of writing.

Lyodra definitely gained quite a few new fans that night!

Source: hnjiqkka

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