Industry Insiders Reveal The Alleged Reason Why “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A Ended Up Buying Fake Designer Goods

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After the success of Netflix’s show Single’s Inferno, the cast has seen their popularity rise. However, although there can be positives with fame, it also means that everyone’s eyes are on you and that everything done in the past will also be brought up.

In particular, social media influencer Song Ji A, known as Free Zia, was already known in Korea, but she has seen her fame skyrocket to immense heights since the show.

Song Ji A | @dear.zia/ Instagram

Yet, recently, she has found herself under fire after it was noticed that despite her image as a luxury brand ambassador, she had actually been wearing fakes during her time on the show.

Song Ji A on the island in the “Chanel” top | Netflix
| @dear.zia/ Instagram

After looking at the original Chanel design on the label’s website, they noticed the distinct differences between the two. It included the color and design of the logo and the pattern.

The original design | Chanel

Many recently mentioned that Song Ji A had also allegedly used fake products in her videos but passed them off as genuine fashion brands. In one video, Ji A showed off her new Chanel bag, which she had claimed a small-sized classic from a department store.

| Free Zia/YouTube

However, when comparing it to the official product, netizens claimed that the original designs had seven squares on the front quilting while Ji A’s has eight.

After the allegations were shared online and went viral, Ji A personally addressed the rumors on her Instagram, sharing a handwritten apology, explaining that the allegations were partly true and that she was very sorry for everything.

I want to apologize once again for everything that has happened due to infringing a designers’ creations and ignoring copyright. As someone who has dreamed of launching a brand, I will recognize the severity of the issue and reflect upon this. In the future, I will be more cautious and study more carefully so that this does not happen again.

⁠— Song Ji A

However, despite her apology, it seems as if the topic is still very prominent in Korean media. In particular, a recent report from Sports Chosun shared an interview with leading industry insiders.

In the interview, the insiders share the reason that they believe Song Ji A went to the extreme lengths she did to keep a certain image of her brand. They also added that the lack of willingness from designer brands to collaborate with influencers could have also contributed.

With growing popularity comes increasing pressure to keep showing new content. It’s hard to receive sponsorships for ultra-luxury products such as Chanel, and it’s also difficult to purchase everything yourself, so it looks like she might have gotten a bit carried away.

— Insiders

Although it seems harsh, Ji A’s brand is known for its high fashion and has been compared to idols such as BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and IVE‘s Wonyoung. She regularly posts images wearing designer brands to promote a certain lifestyle.

| @dear.zia/ Instagram
| @dear.zia/ Instagram

Yet, it is a topic that has gained mixed reactions from netizens. Many Koreans shared their anger at the issue, explaining that she lied to viewers and staged her life. Whereas, Western netizens shared their view that it was sad Ji A had to try and fake her lifestyle but shared that it was something many had done before.

| @dear.zia/ Instagram

Although the apology has been shared, it isn’t known how it will impact her career. Ji A is set to appear on several reality shows, including Knowing Bros, and they have confirmed she will still appear.

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Source: Sports Chosun

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