Industry Insiders Explain The Reason Behind Song Ji Hyo’s Shortcut Transformation

It’s really quite simple.

Just a few days ago, actress Song Ji Hyo unveiled a very big image transformation with her very short haircut. Despite it being an adorable look for the actress, it created a wild online frenzy amongst netizens who had a hard time understanding the decision—and it looks an answer has been provided.

Actress Song Ji Hyo with her newly chopped off hair on “Running Man” | SBS

According to industry insiders, who have worked alongside the actress for many years, the person responsible for her Song Ji Hyo’s sudden shortcut was none other than the Running Man member herself. They reported that “she decided on the short haircut after desiring personal change.” 


The industry insiders also revealed that knowing Song Ji Hyo’s personality, she would not have shared Instagram photos of her new haircut if she had not liked the end result.

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram

This report is a response to the previous uproar that was created following Song Ji Hyo’s haircut reveal. Throughout her career, the actress has always sported a long and simple hairstyle, which became her trademark look. This may have added onto the overall shock, but whatever the reason may be, her fans did not react positively to her change.

Song Ji Hyo with long hair (left) and short hair (right) | Creative Group ING, SBS

Her brand new aesthetic created surprising controversy amongst her fans, who demanded that Song Ji Hyo’s agency hire new stylists after seeing her “butchered haircut.”


And while it is only just hair, the shocking haircut controversy has taken over headlines over the past few days. Her label Creative Group ING has yet to speak up on the situation.

Source: WikiTree and Star1 News