INFINITE L’s Album Release Prior To Enlistment Makes Fans Emotional

Fans will have to say goodbye soon 💔

INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) will be enlisting in the military on February 22 to fulfill his mandatory service. Unfortunately for fans, they will have to bid him goodbye soon—but he isn’t making it easy!

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Released on February 3, his solo debut album Memory included a heartfelt message for fans that isn’t leaving a dry eye in the room. He thanked them for their continuous support and wished them well in their lives, ending by saying he will see them again soon.

Thank you always. It could be short if you say it’s short or long if you say it’s long, but I hope to become an even greater person during my time there before I return. I hope that you will be healthy and have only days that are filled with happiness. Let’s meet again at the end of summer in August. I will return soon.

— L

His sweet letter wasn’t the only thing that made fans emotional. The calendar included in the album isn’t an ordinary one!

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It marks his enlistment and discharge date as well as D-100 until his discharge.

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Fans who saw the calendar expressed their sadness and praised him for his thoughtfulness.

Aside from the album, L gave fans another parting gift in the form of a surprise Q&A on January 25. He wished to spend as much time with them as possible, and it was made even more meaningful because he had taken a break from live broadcasts for awhile.

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For those who want to wish him well before he officially makes his leave, L will also hold an ontact fan meeting on February 20 at 4PM KST. Entitled “Remember US”, it marks his last work activity before enlisting in the military. “US” stands for “U” (you) and “Soo” (Myung Soo), together signifying the memories between him and his fans.

Good luck in the military, L!

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