INFINITE’s L Sent A Coffee Truck to Former Co-Star Go Ara During The Filming Of Her New Drama

Their friendship is everything.

For those who were obsessed with the JTBC drama, Ms. Hammurabi, it’s probably hard to believe it’s already been 2 years since its release.

But for INFINITE‘s L, also known as Kim Myung Soo, no duration of time will ever stop him from continuing to support his co-stars.


It was recently revealed by a coffee truck company that L sent over a truck full of refreshing beverages to former co-star, Go Ara during the filming of her new drama, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

JTBC Miss Hammurabi

Along with photos of the customized coffee cups as well as various banners of support, Coffee Pong expressed their admiration for L’s generous gesture.

INFINITE’s L, who starred in ‘Ms. Hammurabi’ with Go Ara, has prepared lots of refreshing beverages for the staff and actors who are working hard through the hot weather.

As for actor Kim Myung Soo’s precious sincerity that he trusts us with… we’ll be sure to deliver all of it for you.

– Coffee Pong

Not only did L send refreshing beverages, but he also customized the truck with various messages such as “I’m rooting for Ara Noona who is the icon of light and positivity” and “Actors and staff, please enjoy and power up!

For those who’ve missed L’s spectacular chemistry with Go Ara, this exchange is definitely enough to crave another collaboration.



But until then, let’s take a moment to commend L’s loyalty and admire L and Go Ara’s continued friendship.

JTBC Miss Hammurabi

Go Ara’s new KBS drama, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is set to premiere this summer on August 26.

Source: @coffee_pong