INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Leave The Show After Coming To An Agreement With Production Team

They have come to terms.

According to media outlet News 1, INFINITE’s Sunggyu will step down from the KBS show Two-Faced (literal title) after making an amicable agreement with the production team. Recently, both sides argued about whether or not Sunggyu would appear on the show as a fixed member, but after sufficient communication, they resolved the misunderstanding between them.

Currently, the show has filmed up to episode six. Afterwards, they will fill Kim Sunggyu’s spot with special guests. LOONA’s Chuu will appear for episodes 5-6, actress Kim Hye Eun will appear for episodes 7-8 and more guests will be join later on. 

Previously, Sunggyu’s agency and the production team had a disagreement over the status of Sunggyu as a cast member on the show. 

Source: news 1


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