INFINITE’s Sunggyu Makes A Solo Comeback With “INSIDE ME” – Here’s His Thoughts On The New Album

Here’s what he thought about his tattoos.

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu recently made a solo comeback with his brand new album, INSIDE ME. On the day of the album drop, Sunggyu held an online press conference to address the comeback.

Sunggyu shared that as it was his first album in awhile, he was nervous yet excited. The album is one that he personally anticipated highly. As South Korea had its first snow the day before as well, Sunggyu revealed that he felt that it was a sign from the heavens, and it let him start this round of promotions happily.

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As luck would have it, his music video coincidentally features a scene shot in the snow! Fate, or coincidence? Sunggyu also revealed that the title for the album was inspired by the many things he wanted to show the public.

Explaining that “this album, I tried to convey a sense of freedom while showing new sides to myself“, Sunggyu also shared that this time, he worked with other producers that were not Nell‘s Kim Jongwan, who worked with him on his past releases.

Lastly, Sunggyu revealed a secret to the fans. The tattoo seen in the teasers were not real! Sunggyu was too afraid to get a real tattoo but wanted to try it out anyway for the sake of experimenting with a new look.

Sunggyu’s comeback showcase will be live streamed on December 14, 2020 at 8pm KST. Check out the music video teaser below for “I’m Cold” while waiting for the official drop!


Source: Mydaily and Star Infinite