INFINITE’s Sungjong Takes The MBTI Test To Find Out His Personality Type

What’s your MBTI?

INFINITE’s Sungjong revealed his MBTI through a video on their official YouTube channel.

Sungjong revealed, “I’ve seen the other members do this and I’m curious as to what my results will be”.

In regards to the statement for “Sometimes you get lost in your thoughts and ignore or forget about others”, he checked off disagree.

I think I’m sensitive to other people all the time. When I work with someone, I look at the faces of my colleagues and staff. I look at the actions as well.

⁠— Sungjong

He also selected ‘disagree’ to the statement of “You don’t usually start a conversation first”.

I really don’t like the awkward atmosphere. So, if the person is quiet, I think I’m the first one who starts the conversation.

⁠— Sungjong

To the question of “Your home and work environment are well organized,” he agreed wholeheartedly.

When I was living in the dorm with the members, the house was really messy. I live with my family now and because I used to live so messy, I think I’m a little traumatized. So now I’m in charge of my room, living room, and kitchen and helping my mother.

⁠— Sungjong

For his final result, he received the MBTI of ESFJ.

I think this is correct. That’s why I volunteer a lot and try to help out as much as I can. I also have good memory so I remember everything that people tell me. Sometimes people are shocked that I remember everything. I even remember what they wore on the day we met.

⁠— Sungjong

He also wondered if any fans had the same MBTI as him.

I think this was an opportunity to think more about what my personality is like. I wonder what kind of personality INSPIRITs have. I’d like you to try the MBTI test like me. I wonder if anyone has the same results as me.

⁠— Sungjong

Check out the full video below.

Source: herald pop


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