INFINITE’s Sungyeol Uploads New Photos Of His Ripped Body, And Even His Members Are Not Okay

Everybody’s freaking out over his incredible visuals!

INFINITE‘s Sungyeol has been gaining attention recently for his hot, bulked-up body, and his recent Instagram upload has fans, as well as his members, in total awe!

INFINITE’s Sungyeol

Sungyeol stirred up attention earlier when a friend of his uploaded photos of his abs, and fans couldn’t help but admire the results of all his hard work!

Sungyeol then graced the cover of Men’s Health Korea magazine for their July issue, further showing off his ripped bod and insane visuals!

Along with the photoshoot, he also sat down for an interview with Men’s Health magazine, where he talked about his life after the military, and what motivated him to work out!

After being discharged, I was taking a break due to COVID-19, and it was weight training that helped me from becoming lazy. I’m proud that I achieved both my goals of shooting a body profile shoot with my friends from the military and becoming the cover model for Men’s Health Korea.


He also shared his goals for the future, revealing that he wants to challenge himself and become better in every aspect!

I don’t know what the future holds, but just as I was able to build a great body through steady exercise and strict diet management, I gained the confidence that I can succeed if I work hard and and challenge myself.

This year, I will use this time to lay out the foundation and prepare myself to become a better actor.


Sungyeol soon uploaded some photos from the shoot to his personal Instagram account, giving fans more chances to see his well-defined physique!

Men’s Health July issue

And just as fans freaked out over his muscular physique, his members also reacted in equal amazement! Sungjong left a comment about his abs, and honestly? Same.

I should do laundry on those abs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunggyu also left a hilariously “critical” comment!

Your frown is a bit;;


Dongwoo played into Sunggyu’s joke, drawing attention to his “angry” hands!

Wait what is happening even his hands look very angry ~̆̈ .~̆̈


INFINITE recently celebrated their 11th anniversary together as a group, with the exception of L (Kim Myungsoo) and Woohyun who are currently serving in the military, and fans love every single interaction that shows off their close friendship!

| @gyu357/Instagram

You can check out more photos of Sungyeol and the interview in the July issue of Men’s Health Korea magazine!

Source: Hankook Ilbo


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