Inkigayo MC And Actor Seo Bum June Goes Viral From Emotional Clip—From Over 5 Years Ago

The clip is breaking viewers’ hearts and putting them back together.

Making his debut in the 2021 drama Nevertheless, rookie actor Seo Bum June has not only become a new MC for Inkigayo but has also tugged on everyone’s heartstrings with a resurfaced clip.

Seo Bum June | @seo_bumjune/Instagram

Appearing on the show Well Done Again Today back in 2016, viewers see Seo Bum June work his normal shift at a restaurant and witness the inconsiderate way customers treat him. When Seo Bum June takes an order, a customer says, “I don’t want a different type. I’ll kill you if you bring the wrong one.

When another customer complains about the alcohol tasting strange, Seo Bum June attempts to leave and fix the problem. Instead, the customer calls him back and responds, “I’m not done talking yet. Are you running away?

After a table spills alcohol all over the floor, Seo Bum June quickly goes to clean up the mess, with the same customer who spilled it pointing out the spots he missed.

With the clip gaining over 700,000 views on Twitter and over a million on YouTube, many people could relate to working in the tough service industry while others felt for Seo Bum June.

The ending of the clip turned it all around, though. After such a rough day, Seo Bum June was able to meet his favorite actor Yoo Ji Tae. The way his face lit up warmed everyone’s heart, especially seeing how close to tears he was.

Realizing that boy from the clip was Seo Bum June, everyone was happy to know he ended up achieving his acting dreams, despite balancing such tough work and college life. Now he’s appearing in Dr. Park’s Clinic, Rookie Cops, and the upcoming It’s Beautiful Now.

| @seo_bumjune/Instagram

Check out the heartwarming clip that proves dreams do indeed come true, even if things get rough.

Source: Twitter