Insider Provides Witness Account of Actor Jo Jae Hyun Sexually Assaulting Women

“This could get you into so much trouble. Don’t you have a family?”

Korea’s top investigative TV program PD Notebook covered actor Jo Jae Hyun‘s sexual misconduct allegation and broadcasted new confessions against Jo Jae Hyun, including one from an anonymous employee from the actor’s former agency.

The TV program unveiled sexual assault accusations compiled against the famous film director Kim Ki Duk, actor Jo Jae Hyun, and Jo Jae Hyun’s manager.


The anonymous employee, who has worked with Jo Jae Hyun in the past, explained that he held conversations with Jo Jae Hyun about the actor’s sexual harassment.

“When you (the program producer) called me yesterday…”
“It felt like the time had finally come.”


The anonymous employee stated, “rumors don’t start themselves,” and hinted that certain things said about Jo Jae Hyun are true.

“You know the rumors that are going around… Honestly, they aren’t all just rumors without evidence.”


He shared an experience of overhearing one of Jo Jae Hyun’s phone calls and later confronting the actor about it.

We (Jo Jae Hyun and the employee) were on our way somewhere when he got a phone call. He was really aggressive on the phone.


When the anonymous employee asked Jo Jae Hyun about the phone call, he heard what could possibly become another proof of the actor’s sexual misconduct allegation.

When I asked him what’s wrong, he said it was a woman from some place. Then he went on to say, ‘Man, I paid her already but she’s still bugging me.'”


When the employee showed concern, Jo Jae Hyun disregarded him. He explained, “So I told him, ‘This could get you into so much trouble. Don’t you have a family? What are you going to do?‘ but Jo Jae Hyun would say he could take care of it by himself.”


The anonymous employee concluded that Jo Jae Hyun “had it coming”.

“I knew this would happen to him someday.”


On this episode, another actress also revealed that Jo Jae Hyun had sexually assaulted her.

Jo Jae Hyun came to my room (on set) constantly. He asked me to open the door, and when I did, he kissed me. I asked him what he’s doing and he said he likes me. He said this is how to keep things nice. That made shooting on set so painful for me. I wasn’t myself anymore. He wouldn’t stop coming for me though. Later he forced himself on me and raped me.

(There are) many who Jo Jae Hyun harassed. But none will speak up. It turns out the victims are afraid of the actor’s power. He is rich, he is powerful, so he can crush these actresses any day.


The exposé caused even more outrage in Korea as soon as it aired.

Source: Instiz and Dispatch

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