Insiders Tip JYP Entertainment Is Going To Shut Down Its Actor Management Business

They reported a lot of talent is about to become free agents.

According to multiple entertainment industry insiders, JYP Entertainment will be shutting down of their “acting division” – possibly to solely focus on managing their K-Pop idol groups, like GOT7TWICE, and ITZY.


The insiders shared that JYPE recently decided on getting rid of this branch of their business. JYPE is reportedly trying to figure out what to do with the actors, the management personnel, and the department itself.

JYP Entertainment is going to stop managing actors soon. The rookie actors currently signed with JYPE will be back on the market as free agents soon.

— Industry Insiders


Korean management agencies, looking to sign with new potential talent, are now said to be paying close attention to JYPE’s upcoming decisions about the actor management business and its direction with the department – mainly so that they can make the first move to approach and scout the soon-to-be-released JYPE actors.


JYPE’s current line up of managed actors include Yoon Bak, Shin Ye Eun, Jang Hui Ryoung, Park Si Eun, and more.


JYPE has since responded on the insiders’ tip off but did not confirm nor deny anything in specific. The agency simply commented, “We are looking at it from multiple angles.” Meanwhile, fans continue to remain curious as to what might happen to their favorite JYPE actors.

Source: Hankyung and KHAN