Insiders Reveal IU Was At Sulli’s Funeral Since The Day The Wake Was Set Up

IU was there the whole time.

Insiders have revealed that IU was by Sulli‘s side at the funeral home for all 3 days following her passing, since the funeral home was set up for Sulli.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, IU spent 3 days at the funeral home following the news of Sulli’s passing.

IU has been at the funeral home since it was set up for Sulli.

Since they were very close, IU stayed by the deceased’s side in sorrow.

— Insider

Sulli’s funeral was privately held, with no outsiders or press allowed. Few details about the funeral’s proceedings were revealed due to the private nature of it, but one detail that was revealed was that all of the f(x) members (Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal) were present for the funeral.

Following Sulli’s passing, some of Sulli’s closest friends, including Luna, Amber, and Victoria, all revealed to the public that they would be cancelling schedules to mourn for Sulli. Similar to Krystal’s situation, IU also received malicious comments directed at her because she did not post anything on her social media about Sulli’s passing, even though she did announce she would immediately halt all teasers and content releases for her new mini album Love poem.

The real reason IU did not post anything is because she was next to Sulli at the funeral home. It has been known that IU and Sulli were best friends, with IU even writing a song for her, “Peach”. Sulli also made a cameo appearance on IU’s latest drama, Hotel Del Luna.

Source: Star News

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