Insiders Reveal Krystal Was At Sulli’s Funeral For All 3 Days

Krystal was there the whole time.

Insiders have revealed that Krystal was by Sulli‘s side at the funeral home for all 3 days following her passing, and criticized netizens who sent her malicious comments for not posting a message for Sulli on her social media.

According to an exclusive report from Hankook Kyungjae, Krystal spent 3 days at the funeral home following the news of Sulli’s passing.

Upon hearing the news of Sulli’s [passing], Krystal was at the funeral home for 3 days, and she was involved in all the necessary procedures.

For her to hear all the malicious comments right now is just too harsh.

— Insider

Sulli’s funeral was privately held, with no outsiders or press allowed. All of the f(x) members (Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal) were present for the funeral.

Following Sulli’s passing, Luna, Amber, and Victoria all revealed to the public that they would be cancelling schedules to mourn for Sulli. However, Krystal received malicious comments directed at her because she did not post anything on her social media about Sulli’s passing.

On the contrary, the reason Krystal did not post anything is because Krystal was next to Sulli at the funeral home. It was reported that she felt even more hurt that people would make such comments towards her in the current situation. Witnesses who were able to see Krystal at the funeral home say she was “at a loss for words and sad” over the malicious comments situation.

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