Minzy will be collaborating with Jay Park for her solo debut

After reports of her solo debut resurfaced, it has been revealed that Jay Park will be lending his voice to Minzy‘s album.

Numerous industry insiders reported to the Korean media on February 22nd that Minzy will be working with respected musician Jay Park.

Currently, Minzy is busy recording songs for her album, which is slated for a release date sometime in April or May.

As of yet, however, there isn’t a concrete, confirmed plan in place.

While planning for her first solo album under her new company Music Works, Minzy personally contacted numerous musicians and artists, leading to the birth of this collaboration with Jay Park.

After the news was leaked by insiders in the music industry, Music Works gave a statement confirming the collaboration.

“Minzy has been working on her solo album since last year and is it indeed true that she has collaborated with Jay Park for her solo album.

“We haven’t decided on a title song yet so we cannot dilvulge details regarding an exact date for her comeback.”

– Music Works Representative

Minzy is also participating in Unnies Slam Dunk Season 2 and her fans are anticipating how Minzy will show off her growth and maturity through her new music. In an old interview with MBC Entertainment Relay, Jay Park revealed that his favorite 2NE1 member was Minzy, and now the two are finally able to collaborate on a song together.

Watch a young Jay Park choose Minzy as his favorite below!

Source: Osen MBN