A Gravestone For Internet Explorer In South Korea Goes Viral

The goal was to get laughs and it succeeded.

On June 15th, 2022, Microsoft officially ended support for the long-lasting web browser Internet Explorer.

As Internet Explorer was often joked about for its slow processing time, when compared to other web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

People couldn’t stop making jokes, even at the web brower’s “end.”

But one joke, in particular, has gone viral as now there is a gravestone in South Korea dedicated to Internet Explorer.

Jung Ki Young, a South Korean software engineer, spent β‚©430,000 KRW (about $333 USD) to design and engrave a headstone for Internet Explorer’s demise.


In an interview, Jung Ki Young explains that he heard the news a month before Internet Explorer’s official end, so he was able to take time to prepare the headstone.

Since I heard the news about a month ago, I prepared for it as I thought it would be great to make people laugh with this.

-Jung Ki Young

Jung Ki Young | REUTERSΒ 

When he sent in the request, the stonemason had to ensure that Jung Ki Young was serious and not pulling a prank.

The stonemason also asked me: ‘Is this for real? Why doesn’t it have a human’s name? Is this something weird?’

-Jung Ki Young


But, if anything, the stonemason’s questioning only made the process more enjoyable for Jung Ki Young.

I really enjoyed the whole process.

-Jung Ki Young


Even the headstone’s engraving is clever.

Internet Explorer

1995. 8. 17 ~ 2022. 6. 15

He was a good tool to download other browsers.

-The epitaph

Jung Ki Young explains that the inspiration behind the epitaph, which many amused netizens are deeming a roast, was his “love-hate relationship” with using the web browser.

[Internet Explorer] was giving me a hard time as it takes one-and-a-half times more effort to use it compared with other programs, but Intenet Explorer also has historical meaning and a great role. For me, it’s a love hate-relationship.

-Jung Ki Young


And when Jung Ki Young’s brother shared a photo of the tombstone, it instantly went viral, achieving the laughs that Jung Ki Young was hoping for.


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