IOK Company Is Preparing Their First Boy Group, B.I’s Executive Director Title Makes Even More Sense Now

A boy group led by Executive Producer B.I? Yes please.

IOK Company, home to many actors and entertainers, is preparing their first boy group and now it makes even more sense why B.I was added to the company as an executive director.

IOK Company announced that they have recently established a music division within the company to manage their global music business and new musicians with professionalism and class.

Alongside the announcement came the reveal of their plans for their new boy group with their teaser IOK MUSIC 2021 NEW PROJECT POSTER #1. IOK Company is currently in the process of forming their idol group, including hiring experts in various fields to assist and improve the final group product.

The recruitment of B.I as an executive director is believed to be heavily connected to the production of IOK Company’s new boy group. B.I is experienced with not only the trainee and lifestyle, but also the producing side during his time with iKON.

This is IOK Company’s first venture into the idol industry, and aims to cement them as one of the new top comprehensive Korean entertainment industries. IOK Company’s CEO also commented on the new move.

Our first project for the new year is to take steps into the music industry.

We will do our best to meet your expectations as we are receiving a lot of attention right now.

— IOK Company’s CEO, Jang Jin Woo

Source: Tenasia