Red Velvet’s Yeri And Irene Revealed To Be Unwell After Group Canceled Performance At Korean Singer Festival

Feel better soon, ladies!

Red Velvet was unable to perform at the Korean Singer Festival on January 16 KST due to illness.

A notice was sent out to Red Velvet fans regarding the condition of Yeri and Irene. The statement read:


[Notice] 1/16 2020 Annoucement Related Absence in Korean Singer Festival Hello,Red Velvet, who was scheduled to appear on today’s Korean Singing Festival today, was unable to participate due to influenza.We ask for all fans on site for their understanding.

Source: 5REDVELVET/Twitter

Here’s hoping that the ladies of Red Velvet, including Wendy who has been recovering from an injury she suffered during SBS Gayo Daejeon rehearsals, feel better soon!

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