Red Velvet’s Wendy Sends Snacks And Handwritten Letter To Dancers While Recovering

Wendy has the biggest heart:

Although Wendy isn’t able to participate in Red Velvet‘s Japan tour after suffering severe injuries at the end of December 2019, Wendy has been sending plenty of her love to those who will be participating.


At the end of December, Wendy suffered a major accident, fracturing her right cheek, wrist, and hip, during stage rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun, where she fell at a 2.5-meter height. Following her accident, Wendy went on hiatus to recover until further notice.


But just because Wendy is on hiatus doesn’t mean her heart isn’t with Red Velvet and everyone involved with their schedule! On January 9, a dancer who works with Red Velvet shared a photo on her Instagram story showing a mountain of snack bags and a hand holding a letter. These snacks and the letter were sent from none other than Wendy!

The post reads, “We were practicing and working hard and Wendy sent us this. Our Wendy get better soon and let’s perform together soon too.” Image credit: @garnet_seulki/Instagram


Another dancer posted a close up of the letter letting fans see that it was a handwritten one! Although fans don’t know for sure if Wendy wrote the letter herself since she suffered injuries to her wrist, they were absolutely touched by all the love and care Wendy put into the gift.

Fans were also able to read parts of the letter including sections that read, “Sorry (I can’t be with you),” “Fighting,” and “I miss you all.”


ReVeluvs have been feeling seriously overwhelmed by such a heartwarming and touching present and it’s easy to see why!


Red Velvet, meanwhile, will begin their Red Velvet Arena Tour in Japan – La Rouge on January 11.  We wish Wendy as full and speedy recovery and the remaining members of Red Velvet a successful tour!

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