Here’s Why This Itaewon Bakery Is Keeping Its Doors Open During The National Mourning Period

This is their way of grieving the tragic event.

After the Itaewon tragedy, the streets of Itaewon had their lights off to participate during the national mourning period. However, a nearby bakery appeared to be open with the lights on. Upon entering, customers are sent back because they are unavailable for business. JTBC News reported on the whole story.

Oh Eun Hee, the owner of a bakery in Itaewon, was interviewed by JTBC to reveal why she decided to keep her bakery lights on during the mourning period.

Why do you keep your store lights on if you are not open?

It is only fitting to close the store during the mourning period, but the police and firefighters don’t have a place to rest. So I am keeping my store open so they can relax, use the internet, and have some coffee.

What is your reasoning for operating this way?

Our store was operating during the incident, and screams and cries could be heard even from our store. I couldn’t pretend I didn’t know anything because I saw so many people trying to help firsthand. From the standpoint of doing business in Itaewon, I wanted to do my share and help out.

It must’ve been challenging to come to this decision

I’ve never thought about the business loss or damage to the store. I didn’t think it was right to do business now, and I was looking for a quiet way to mourn this tragedy.

Part-time worker Oh Jin Hee also revealed her feelings towards the tragic incident.

Being a similar age to the victims, considering they were there to enjoy their youth, I can’t even fathom what they felt during that time. I work in Itaewon across the street from a 119 emergency center, so if there is something I can do to help, I should do it.

What were the reactions of the people that stopped by?

The fire department came and said thank you. The police also came and thanked me too. I didn’t do anything that big, so I was somewhat embarrassed that they came to thank me. I hope that those that stop by our store receive some comfort.

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