Itaewon’s Lost-And-Found Center Hopes To Reunite Items From The Crowd Surge With Their Families

Hundreds of items were recovered.

A temporary morgue that was used in the initial hours of Itaewon’s tragic crowd surge has been turned into a lost-and-found center where victims’ belongings are being kept, waiting to be claimed by their owners or family members.


Days after the crush that occurred during Halloween festivities, several people sifted through more than 800 recovered items ranging from clothes to accessories in the Wonhyoro sports centre. The belongings were neatly placed beside each other on the floor or on tables, making it easy to identify them at first glance.

There are an estimated 256 pairs of shoes, 258 pieces of clothing, 124 bags, and 156 electronic items, as well as other personal belongings like key chains and Halloween masks. Mobile phones and IDs are being kept separately at a police station.

Below are pictures showing the current situation at the gym.


Glasses and Wireless Earbuds




The lost-and-found center opened on October 31 and is scheduled to close on November 6 at 6PM KST. According to a police officer, only a few people so far have come to claim their belongings.

| REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

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Source: Reuters and Newsis

Itaewon Halloween Emergency

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