Around 50 People Suffer Cardiac Arrest At An Itaewon Halloween Party

CPR was being done in mass on the streets.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

In preparation for Halloween, over 200 police officers were dispatched to Itaewon, Korea, from October 29-31 “to prevent crimes such as illegal filming and abuse.” The police officers were also expected to “strengthen the crackdown on crimes associated with drugs.”

These precautions were deemed necessary due to the roughly 100,000 people who “gather in and around Itaewon each day during the Halloween weekend.”

Streets of Itaewon | @koryodynasty/Twitter

Unfortunately, on October 29, people in Itaewon report that around 50 people have suffered cardiac arrest and received CPR on the street. Emergency officials reportedly received at least 81 calls from people in Itaewon saying they were having difficulty breathing.

People receiving CPR in Itaewon | @koreaisg2y/Twitter 

President Yoon Suk Yeol has ordered officials to administer first aid, and Prime Minister Han Duck Soo told officials to do their best to minimize damages. Seoul’s mayor, Oh Se Hoon, was visiting Europe but has reportedly decided to return to Seoul.

| @koreaisg2y/Twitter 

One Twitter user claimed that the “fire brigade were desperately trying to go through thousands of people” while “police were standing on top of cars” to instruct people to move out of the way for ambulances.

Unfortunately, because of how tightly packed the streets of Itaewon are for the Halloween event, it is difficult for people to move. These packed streets are also what likely caused this emergency situation.

We wish everyone safety.

Source: Yonhap, The Korea Herald, The Korea Times and Korea Joong Ang Daily

Itaewon Halloween Emergency