ITZY’s Chaeryeong Details Her Fear Of Standing Out Caused By Malicious Comments And Low Self-Esteem

The trauma still remains with her to this day.

In a recent video called Letters to MIDZY, ITZY members opened up about the worries and hardships they suffered prior to their comeback.






In particular, Chaeryeong spoke up about her low self-esteem caused by malicious comments.

She explained that as a result of being known to the public since a young age, she suffered malicious comments questioning her ability.

Since I’ve been in the public eye since I was little, people mocked me saying, ‘There’s probably a reason why she’s not making it.’

— Chaeryeong

Ahead of Chaeryeong’s debut through ITZY, she appeared on various programs such as K-Pop Star Season 3 and SIXTEEN.

But even after making it into the debut group, Chaeryeong still suffered a hard time.

A year before my debut, I had the hardest time of my life. I had always dreamt of it happening, but I didn’t think it mattered if I was going to be hated by people.

— Chaeryeong

And the trauma still remains with her to this day.

Whenever we took photos or did anything, I didn’t want to stand out. I’m still kind of like that right now.

— Chaeryeong

She continued,

When I see a comment saying, ‘ITZY’s so pretty’, I feel sad and I want to hug them. The same goes for me. I feel sorry to myself for not taking care of myself.

— Chaeryeong

Despite the hurt she suffered from malicious commenters, Chaeryeong still wishes that her songs help other people.

I want to give positive energy to people. I’m not singing these types of songs because I’m confident.

— Chaeryeong

Check out the full clip below:


Source: Insight