ITZY’s Chaeryeong Reveals What Dance Means To Her

“Even when I start to hate dancing…”

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong is Studio Choom‘s August Artist of the Month, and we know she’s going to slay her “Artist of the Month” performance video!

ITZY’s Chaeryeong |

In a video called “ITZY Chaeryeong Spotlight” on Studio Choom’s YouTube channel, Chaeryeong was asked what dance means to her.

“What does dance mean for you?” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube

Chaeryeong said that she and dance are inseparable!

“We’re inseparable.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube

Even when she feels like she hates dancing, all it takes to make her fall in love with her craft all over again is hearing music playing.

“Even when I start to hate dancing, hearing music playing makes me wanna dance.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube

Chaeryeong’s love for dance truly shows in her commitment to interpreting choreography in her own way.


She revealed that she believes she has to make the choreography hers so “the viewers will be able to enjoy it” and that she practices until her body has completely learned the choreography.

“No matter which choreo it is, I believe I have to make it mine for the viewers to be able to enjoy it, so I tend to practice until my body has learned it completely.” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube

We love watching Chaeryeong dance just as much as she loves dancing! Check out the full “ITZY Chaeryeong Spotlight” video below!