Chaeryeong Shares What ITZY Is Most Looking Forward To Seeing MIDZY Experience This Comeback

She revealed what they hope MIDZY will experience:

Recently making a powerful return with “Not Shy”, a confidence-boosting song about going for what you want, ITZY shared what they are most looking forward to MIDZY experiencing through the comeback.


In a virtual Q&A segment with Teen Vogue, ITZY answered questions about expressing confidence, music inspiration, the most memorable part of their comeback prep, and more.

Among these questions, Chaeryeong picked one asking what ITZY is looking forward to sharing with MIDZY this comeback.

Instead of answering specifically for this comeback, Chaeryeong instead began by sharing, “We always want to be proud singers for our fans MIDZY.

Whether past releases, this comeback, or future ones, Chaeryeong revealed there was only one thing that ITZY truly wants to share with MIDZY — happiness! With her members nodding their agreement, Chaeryeong expressed, “We hope MIDZYs find happiness in their lives by singing our songs and dancing to our songs.

Listen to Chaeryeong’s sweet answer and find out what else ITZY had to say about their comeback and more in the video below: