The Real Reason ITZY’s Chaeryeong Was Worried The JYP Employees Might Think She Has “Celebrity Disease”

It proves how pure Chaeryeong is!

When it comes to being a K-Pop idol, it is a role that comes with so much responsibility. Many use the fame and recognition positively while others don’t, and for many, the sudden fame or pressures that come with it can impact idols in different ways.

One person who has always used her fame and influence positively is ITZY‘s Chaeryeong.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong |

Since debuting, the idol has always had the brightest personality and brightens up the lives of fans whenever she gets on stage.


Recently, Chaeryeong cemented that on a recent live broadcast when she was discussing the topic of “Celebrity Disease.” It is something many idols have discussed in the past and MBLAQ’s Mir explained the meaning was “Celebrity disease is when a celebrity thinks their status has been elevated.

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Luckily, netizens don’t have to worry about Chaeryeong going through this. During her live stream, the idol spoke about the fact that she recently had LASIK eye surgery after she put on sunglasses to do a recent TikTok trend.

Chaeryeong then explained that because of the surgery, she had to wear sunglasses while she was out and about to protect her eyes, including at the JYP Entertainment building. Yet, she hilariously joked that while she was there, she felt as if she was walking on eggshells.

Although it seemed like a random statement, the idol then revealed that it was because JYP has a lot of employees that work in the building. By wearing her sunglasses, Chaeryeong was worried that the employees might think she was a diva or suffering from “Celebrity Disease.”

Anyone who knows Chaeryeong would know that she was the furthest from being seen as a diva. Yet, whenever she saw a member of staff, it didn’t stop her from adorably explaining, “Hello, I had LASIK surgery.

Chaeryeong was so worried that she even asked her manager to tell everyone that she was wearing sunglasses because she had LASIK.

She then went on to explain that the main reason was because of the size of JYP, there was a lot of staff she hadn’t met, and didn’t want to give off the wrong impression when they first interacted.

As expected, it showcased just genuine Chaeryeong’s personality is, because she was worried that she might offend some of the staff if they saw her wearing the sunglasses and might feel uncomfortable.

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