Somi Admits That She Once Suffered From “Celebrity Disease” During Her Time In I.O.I, And Here’s What Happened

“I was doing it unconsciously…”

For many K-Pop idols, the rise to fame can either come after years of work or very quickly because of specific reasons. With so many ways to make a name for yourself and the level of fame that one person can reach within a second notice, it isn’t surprising that each idol deals with these pressures and a sudden influx of popularity in different ways.

One person who recently shared her experiences of gaining fame and how it impacted her personality was soloist Somi!

Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi recently appeared on an episode of MMTG with host JaeJae where she spoke about everything from her friendship with aespa‘s Giselle, working with Kim Jong Kook, and much more.

In particular, during a segment on the episode, JaeJae pointed out that there was a moment when Somi was in girl group I.O.I that when she went through a moment of feeling entitled as a celebrity, which is also known as “Celebrity Disease.”

Even though some idols might be reluctant to speak about it, Somi admitted that it was the case but quickly added, “It came and went away.”

JaeJae added that it seemed as if the idea of “Celebrity disease” comes from the idea that those who are used to being on camera and having people look after them can sometimes take it for granted. Somi then admitted that this was true for many idols, and no matter who it is, it is probably done without even realizing it.

Somi explained that it would happen to everyone at least once during idols’ careers, and it comes from the long schedules and how many are treated when they are successful.

We work 365 days, and since we have to look perfect in order to work, I kind of became entitled because of that. Asking for a favor and saying, ‘Do this please,’ is very different. And I was doing that unconsciously.

— Somi

Yet, as she explained earlier, Somi revealed the real reason that this “Celebrity Disease” didn’t last much longer. She explained that this desire to change came from rumors beginning to spread about idols in the industry.

Whether it’s true or not, rumors will go around once no matter what. But I am a taekwondo athlete. So I was like, ‘Huh? I act entitled?’ and I pulled myself together.

— Somi

In the past, MBLAQ’s Mir explained the meaning of “Celebrity Disease” and why so many people go through it. For him, “Celebrity disease is when a celebrity thinks their status has been elevated.

This disease is actually more common in celebrities who are not as famous. It’s not seen as often in top stars. This disease makes them think that the world revolves around them and nothing can function without them.

— MBLAQ’s Mir

| 방가네/ YouTube

Yet, despite Somi being so open about the time, very few idols are willing to come forward about going through a time where they felt a sense of entitlement. One of those was Stray Kids’ Han, who explained that it happened to him while a trainee.

He explained that during an evaluation, which trainees have to do monthly to track progress, Han thought he was better and took his phone on stage with him. After the performance concluded, Han pulled out his phone, switched to selfie mode, and snapped a photo like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. He then finished it with a gesture as he said, “Okay.”

Although Somi might have gone through that, the fact that she can be so open about it and admit that she had a problem shows just how much she has grown as a person and an artist.

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Source: MMTG