ITZY Unveils Official Debut Date In New MV Teaser For “DALLA DALLA”

ITZY’s coming soon!

ITZY just hyped up their fans for the highly anticipated debut by dropping the music video teaser for their debut song!


The girls are first seen dragging along carriers as they enter an elevator.


They begin unpacking clothes out of the bags to change into until Ryujin points out that there’s a camera in the elevator.


The girls soon emerge from the elevator looking fierce and sexy!


Their first single album, “IT’Z DIFFERENT”, features their debut song, ‘DALLA DALLA’! And when is the mv dropping? February 11 at midnight! Their single album will drop the following day on February 12 at 6pm.


ITZY also dropped the last of their individual teasers, featuring Yuna!


Yuna gazed at the camera while sporting a mock neck velvet top and sparkly cap!


She then showed off her lean figure in a beautiful bodycon short jumpsuit as she leisurely laid across a pink couch!


ITZY’s coming for you all!

ITZY's Debut

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