ITZY’s Newest Encore Performance Receives Endless Praise From Korean Fans

They are super impressed!

ITZY recently came back with “In the morning” and they have been garnering heavy attention for numerous different reasons.

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

Previously, the ITZY members made headlines for the mixed reactions to their outfits, as well as the dividing opinions on their overall comeback track. While international fans loved their new song following its premiere, “In the morning” received mixed reactions from ITZY’s Korean fans ever since its release due to its unique sound. Upon its release, Korean fans expressed their disappointment about the song, leaving malicious comments about the comeback. Their frustrations went as far as asking JYP Entertainment founder, Park Jin Young to stop writing and producing girl group songs.

Just a few days after receiving backlash, however, the girls have started to receive positive attention from their Korean fans for the first time since their comeback.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

ITZY won first place on the most recent episode of M! Countdown and their encore stage is receiving high praise for their talent and stability. As the girls performed their comeback track once more for their fans, their stable vocals and gorgeous visuals became the talk of the town amongst Korean netizens.

| theqoo
  • “Because they are so good, I want to go watch them.”
  • “They’re so f**king good.”
  • “They’re amazing…they’re all cool, pretty and cute.”
  • “Wow, their hard work is so admirable. They’re so talented.”
  • “ITZY is so lovely.”
  • “They are JYP’s pride.”
  • “They are so good at their work that I’m crushing hardcore.”
  • “They are so good.”
ITZY winning first place on “M! Countdown” | Mnet

The girls of ITZY deserve all the praise in the world! You can check out their encore performance down below.

Source: WikiTree and theqoo