ITZY’s Lia Shows Off Her Adorable Visuals In Latest Instagram Uploads

The audacity of her to look this good?!

ITZY‘s Lia is serving some looks with her newest Instagram uploads! The adorable ITZY member shared a series of selfies and we cannot stop gushing about her visuals! With two big hair barrettes, Lia showed off her ever adorable looks. Here she is smiling for the camera,

ITZY’s Lia |

And then of course we can’t forget a serious face! She somehow manages to look adorable even with a neutral expression, which is not surprising at all.


Her funky outfit with the tropical background makes this flirty photo so much better! We don’t think we will ever get over Lia’s gorgeous visuals that just make her stand out amongst the rest of them.


These photos are actually from ITZY’s special project in collaboration with comedian Kim Shin Young and her alter ego, trot singer Kim Davi. ITZY and Kim Davi just released their official music video for “Break Ice” earlier today so be sure to check it out down below!