Alleged Bullying Victim Reveals ITZY’s Manager Contacted Lia’s Classmates To See How She Was Like

They updated with more news.

The alleged school bullying victim of ITZY’s Lia has updated with a new post online regarding the situation.

Person A, who was acquitted after posting a school violence allegation post online about ITZY’s Lia, has uploaded a new post online. On July 27, a post with the title, “I am the person who posted about ITZY Lia’s school violence”, was posted on a Daum cafe.

They wrote, “I am the person who posted the article about Lia’s school violence on a different cafe. I debated whether or not to post this because I know that this may be something that some people will forget and do not want to know, but all I wanted was an apology but I am feeling stressed watching her promote without any explanation. She even comes out in my dreams and it seems like everyone is misunderstanding some parts so I decided to correct it through this post.”

They continued, “First off, the person that wrote they were bullied was me and another friend A. We did not know each other but we got in touch after each of us posted online. We both received police investigations and shared the process. The police told me to collect as many statements as possible from friends that would prove that I was bullied. I didn’t write it, but a friend who was victimized and a friend who was going to prove that I was bullied submitted a statement.”

They revealed that all they wanted was an apology. “At first, I had to prove that I was bullied and it was hard for me to recall the events that I went through, so after the investigation, I told them that ‘even if this case gets buried I don’t want to do anything anymore and would just like an apology’. But all I got in return was a request for re-investigation from JYP. When I called the detective in charge, they revealed that even after JYP had released a statement regarding the re-investigation, they had not made a separate request for the re-investigation.”

They later received news that ITZY’s manager was going around finding out how Lia was like back in middle school. “Then last month, another friend contacted me and told me that ITZY’s manager had contacted friends who graduated from Shinsong middle school to see how Lia was like back then. On June 18, a detective contacted friend A and told them that Lia’s lawyer would like to meet with the both of us. We didn’t want to act hastily so we said that we wanted to receive an apology directly from Lia.”

They continued, “Then on June 21, we received a business card from the director of JYP’s Artist Division 2 through the detective in charge. On July 2, I took the courage to call the number through caller ID restrictions and recorded the call. I asked them why they wanted meet now but they avoided the answer and wanted to meet in person to talk. I told them that if it’s not receiving an apology in person from Lia then I didn’t want to meet them. They said that they would consider it as much as they could and only suggested that we meet in person to talk first.”

Previously, a post was uploaded to the internet claiming that a famous female idol committed school violence and bullying. JYP responded by denying the accusations made by the poster, but the alleged bullying victim was later cleared of all defamation charges. JYP then updated with a response stating that they would be requesting a reinvestigation of the case.

Source: wikitree