JYPE Reveals Case Details And Requests Reinvestigation Against ITZY Lia’s Alleged Bullying Victim

They have requested a reinvestigation for the case.

Back in February, ITZY‘s Lia was accused of bullying during her school days, and JYP Entertainment denied the accusation, taking legal action. Recently, however, the alleged bullying victim was cleared of all defamation charges, and the agency issued their response to it, saying the results are difficult to accept as they are. They have now also given an updated response, revealing that they will be requesting a reinvestigation into the case.

You can read their full response here:

This is JYP Entertainment. We would like to inform you of the company’s position regarding the recent media coverage of our company’s artist Lia.
The first complaint was not against the victim of school violence, but against the posts and comments that were deemed malicious as follows.

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The above articles were posted on the internet community sites for over two years since 2018 so we could not figure out who the original poster was and it did not specifically complain about school violence.
The company operates a system that regularly takes legal action against malicious posts based on fan reports and post monitoring. During this process, the above articles also received legal action in December 2020.

2. During the police investigation process, we found that four of the five posts above were written by the same person using different nicknames, while one post was written by another person.
However, while the police were investigating the case, we found a person on another internet community site that looked like the person who wrote the above posts, stating that they were under investigation by the police. It was a post where the poster and their acquaintance revealed that they had suffered from school violence. But later, the acquaintance posted on the same site revealing that they did not find that event to be school violence and did not think much about it. Afterward, the person who wrote the original post continued to post and delete the message repeatedly

3. After the legal representative presented the complaint and took legal action on Lia’s behalf, the police decided not to appeal the two posters. However, through an interview with the media, the police revealed that the decision to appeal the case was because there was no evidence that the content of the post was false, not that the content of the post is true. In other words, the decision to appeal does not mean that Lia admits to school violence.

Therefore, the artist and the company plan to file an objection with the police and request a re-investigation for false information and defamation. It’s because, through a more in-depth investigation, they want the truth to be hidden more.

Although there should never be any victims treated unfairly, at the same time, there should also never be any victims of untrue or distorted information.

—JYP Entertainment

Stay tuned for more updates on the case.

Source: Newsen