Recent Videos Of ITZY’s Lia Has Netizens Concerned For Her Health

“It looks so painful…”

Recent video clips of ITZY‘s Lia during a fansign is leaving fans concerned for her health.

Lia |

During the event, Lia can be seen often tilting her head and massaging her neck in discomfort.

She can also be seen stretching her arms and fingers in attempt to relieve the pain.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed, some netizens believe these clips of her neck and arm pain and/or numbness may be a symptom of a medical concern like a herniated disc.

  • “She needs proper treatment”
  • “Wow I feel bad for her, it looks so painful”
  • “Do they even care for her body??? Tsk tsk”
  • “Hul her disc? It must be f*cking painful..ㅠㅠ”

Despite this, she did her best at the fansign to stay strong for MIDZYs and put on an entertaining show.

However, Lia was not present at ITZY’s performance for the 2023 World Scout Jamboree Concert, leaving many to believe her neck pain could be the reason for her absence. 

Netizens hope she can receive the proper rest and treatment for her injury soon.


Watch the full video below.

Source: theqoo