ITZY Fans Are Shocked By Lia And Ryujin In Latest Spotify Video

Who saw this coming?!

ITZY recently uploaded a video for Spotify‘s K-Quiz, where they asked the fans to answer what their name “ITZY” means.


But no one was ready for when Ryujin spoke in English and absolutely nailed the pronunciation!


And then comes Lia from left field with her perfectly fluent English! What?!


Fans were shocked that Lia and Ryujin were able to speak English so well! Another new skill uncovered from the talented group!


To make this revelation even better, Yuna closed off the video with an adorable “Bye~”…


… And fans can’t get over it!


ITZY’s name is definitely true. Whatever you want from a girl group: The ability to speak a different language to converse with their global fans? They have it!