ITZY’s Lia Jokingly Got “Bangs” — But Netizens Believe She Entered Her Legendary Visual Phase

This is HER look! 😍

ITZY‘s Lia has rocked all kinds of unique hairstyles over the years. However, she has yet to try full blunt bangs — until now!

During the behind the scenes of “Cheshire,” she tried out the bold look for herself and was met with great results.

The other members couldn’t stop yelling about how cute she looked. Yeji even stomped her feet over how adorable Lia was!

The hair color wasn’t an exact match since the bangs originally belong to Yeji. However, that didn’t stop her from looking stunning in the blunt fringe look!

Lia loved the look on herself so much that she took a bunch of selfies and sent them to her mom.

She shortly posted them on social media for fans to enjoy, too.


Fans left a slew of comments, begging Lia to make the hairstyle actually come to life next comeback.

We hope this isn’t the last of this stunning style on Lia!

| @lialand_/Twitter

Check out her full post below.

Source: Nate Pann


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