ITZY’s Recent TikTok Freedom Has Ryujin Taking The App By Storm

Here comes the TikTok queen.

It seems that ITZY finally have TikTok freedom, and Ryujin is wasting no time in taking over the app.

Ryujin | @JYPEITZY_JP/Twitter

Ryujin has previously shown that she has the potential to go viral on TikTok. She is knowledgeable about current trends and already has experience with the dance challenge videos that ITZY uploads to the platform.


#LOCOchallenge#KittyDance #고냥이춤#YEJI #예지 #RYUJIN #류진#ITZY #있지 #MIDZY #믿지#CRAZYINLOVE#LOCO#ITZY_LOCO


However, Ryujin has had to make do elsewhere, considering the group’s lack of freedom to upload whatever they want. She even uploaded the “Kiss My A** Challenge,” a TikTok challenge that uses Meghan Trainor’s song “Title,” to Bubble in order to share it with her fans.


In the past month, the group has been posting more content to TikTok outside of their usual videos. One of these videos was ITZY using the filter “your ITZY twin.” For some members, like Lia, the filter matched them to their own face.


Who’s Lia’s twin? #ITZY #LIA #youritzytwin

♬ Weapon (With Newnion, FLOOR) (Prod. Czaer) – ITZY

For other, it didn’t. Yeji was surprised when it matched her to Ryujin instead.


Who’s Yeji’s twin? #ITZY #YEJI #youritzytwin


Yuna and Chaeryeong even tried out the “Outfit rating” filter with hilarious results when it gave the pair a 2 out of 10 ranking.


What do you think? O.O #ITZY #CHAERYEONG #YUNA #OutfitScan #OutfitRating #아웃핏스캔


Fans got taste of what they’ve been missing and were all too pleased when Ryujin finally uploaded the “Kiss My A** Challenge” to TikTok.


🥰 #itzy #있지 #ryujin #류진 #title #meghantrainor @meghantrainor

♬ Title – Meghan Trainor

She has already wracked up millions of views in the short amount of time the video has been up.

Here’s hoping that this means more TikTok content from ITZY and from the queen herself, Ryujin!


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