ITZY Reveals The Real Reason Why JYP Entertainment Trademarked “TWINZY”

“Look at those Twinzys, just laughing at us.”

A couple of days ago, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that JYP Entertainment had trademarked the name “TWINZY”, sparking speculations that the label might be working on a new super-group.

Rumors quickly began spreading that TWINZY would be similar to SM Entertainment‘s girl group GOT the Beat, which is made up of members from different groups at the label.

Fans are saying the name is based on JYP Entertainment’s existing groups TW (ICE) I (tzy) N (MIXX) (NI) ZI (U) and will be the name of a project group.

— Netizen

However, on December 12, JYP put that rumor to rest. It turns out that TWINZY is the name of ITZY‘s new character mascots, which are a group of adorable pastel-colored cats!

Fans believe that the green cat is Lia, the pink cat is Yuna, the yellow cat is Chaeryeong, the brown cat is Yeji, and the blue cat is Ryujin.

While fans are endeared by the adorable character designs, many feel a bit let down that a JYP super-girl-group apparently isn’t in the works.

Comments on multiple sites discussing the TWINZY characters show just how hopeful people were!

But who knows, maybe this really did give JYP Entertainment an idea for a future collaboration between their girl groups!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa