ITZY Reveals They All Tried To Quit JYP Entertainment Together Prior To Their Debut

They wanted to all leave JYP.

ITZY revealed that they tried to join together and collectively quit JYP Entertainment prior to their official debut.

ITZY will guest on SBS variety show Tikita CAR and during the show, they will be sharing their stories about their pre-debut days and also shared their admiration for cast member Um Moon Seok. Chaeryeong specifically mentioned how she has been his fan ever since his days on Mnet‘s dance battle show Dancing 9, where he was the blue team leader and a master of krumping.

I’ve been a huge fan of [Um Moon Seok] since Dancing 9. I want to do a dance with you.

— ITZY’s Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong and Um Moon Seok then danced to a medley of J.Y. Park‘s hit songs, heating up the bar with their dance skills.


Chaeryeong also confessed the difficulty of being a trainee for seven years.

The monthly skill evaluations were very difficult. I had to do one every month for seven years, and every month it was hard.

— ITZY’s Chaeryeong


Following this, the ITZY members made a surprising confession, sharing they all tried to leave JYP Entertainment.

We all tried to join hands together and leave JYP Entertainment before we debuted.


ITZY will be sharing more details from their pre debut era during the show, which will air at 11:05 pm KST.

Check out the preview of ITZY’s appearance below:

Source: Newsen