ITZY’s Ryujin Slays Long, Straight, Black Hair For The First Time Since Debut And Fans Are Loving It

Check out some of the fan reactions!

ITZY‘s Ryujin surprised fans when the music video for “LOCO” dropped. Fans are used to seeing her with short or shoulder length hair. She’s tried out many different colors with her hair, from blond, to pink, to rebellious streaks!

For her last comeback with “Mafia In The Morning” she rocked dark blond hair with a colored streak across the middle.

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She even performed once with long blond hair, giving fans a taste of what could be.

This time, she surprised fans with long, straight, black hair! In the teasers, she only had blond hair with bangs or black highlights, so this was a huge shock.

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Needless to say, Miss Ryujin rocked the look.

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We’re not sure if it’s a wig, extensions or temporary black dye, but we would kill to have her rock this during a live performance,

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Fans have been reacting positively to it as well.

We just know she will go viral for this!

Check out their music video below!