ITZY’s Ryujin Reveals Yeji Made A Hilarious Mistake During Their Driving Test

Ryujin poked fun at Yeji like a true sister!

ITZY‘s Ryujin revealed that Yeji made a hilarious mistake while taking her driving test for her license!

Yeji (left) and Ryujin (right) |

In her latest vlog, Ryujin shared that she took driver’s education classes with Yeji.

“Two weeks with Yeji at the driving school…or was it three or four weeks?” | ITZY/YouTube

Ryujin also took the driving test for her license with Yeji!

“I was taking the driving test with Yeji.” | ITZY/YouTube

During her driving test, Yeji got into the turning lane to make a U-turn. However, as Ryujin explained, Yeji wasn’t supposed to turn yet.

“She stopped at a lane to make a U-turn, but she wasn’t supposed to make a U-turn then.” | ITZY/YouTube

Yeji realized she did something wrong while she was waiting to make the U-turn, and the instructor asked her, “Why did you do that?”

“Yeji realized something was wrong after she got in line.” | ITZY/YouTube

While Ryujin watched from the back seat, Yeji responded to the instructor with “I know, why did I?”

“I was also at the back saying ‘oh no.'” | ITZY/YouTube

Although she mistakenly got into the turning lane during her driving test, Yeji eventually got her license, which is what really matters!

Check out Ryujin’s full vlog below.