The ITZY Member Who Would Win “Squid Game” According To Ryujin

And here’s why her pick makes sense…

It seems like almost everyone has seen Netflix hit Squid Game, and that includes ITZY‘s Ryujin. During a recent video call fansign, Ryujin named the ITZY member she thinks could win the dangerous trials.

Despite being busy promoting Crazy in Love over the past few weeks, Ryujin managed to make time to binge-watch Squid Game just like the rest of us. In a live broadcast earlier this month, she revealed her favorite episode was the one where the characters played tug of war, and she even imitated one of elderly player Oh Il Nam’s lines.

Given how horrific many of the trials in Squid Game were, it’s hard to imagine the ITZY members taking them on. But, in a recent video call fansign, Ryujin did reveal her pick for the member who could win the games.

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During the withdrama fansign event, a fan by the name of @pointsoftrading on Twitter was lucky enough to chat with Ryujin. Naturally, like many Squid Game viewers, the MIDZY was keen to know Ryujin’s thoughts. When @pointsoftrading asked her if she’s seen the show, she confirmed that she did watch it several weeks ago.

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The fan went on to ask Ryujin, “Out of all the members, including yourself, who do you think has the best chance at surviving ‘Squid Game’?” In true Ryujin style, her answer was pretty relatable.

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I don’t think we would participate in those games!” she told the MIDZY with a laugh. Even so, she did have a member in mind who would win if they really had to compete…

ITZY’s Lia | JYP Entertainment

Lia! But why?

While Ryujin didn’t elaborate, we can think of a few reasons why Lia would be a successful player. For one, despite being the shortest member of ITZY at 162cm, she’s often seen giving piggyback rides to her taller members—like 170cm maknae Yuna. So, there’s no doubt she has a lot of hidden strength that could come in handy in a game like tug of war.

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Plus, this time she stayed statue-still proves she’d ace red light, green light.

Not to mention, with her well-known sweet tooth, she’d probably be a pro at the dalgona game. That said, with all of ITZY’s successes over the past few years, the members certainly have no need to compete for a cash prize.

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