ITZY’s Ryujin And Yeji Have Gotten Their Licenses – And They Made The Cutest Bet With Each Other For It

Read on to find out who won.

ITZY has recently comeback with the fire song “Not Shy”, and they took to SBS Power FM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time to talk about their comeback. While they also shared about the strenuous choreography for the song, they also talked a little about some behind-the-scenes fun while filming the music video.

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It was reported that Ryujin and Yeji had gotten their licenses just for the music video! In order to make the driving scenes more realistic, the two members had gotten their licenses just a little before the filming started. In order to make the learning a little more fun, the two had set up a bet to see who would get higher scores on the driver’s test!

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Yeji had revealed that she thought they would score better if they had a little bit of healthy competition! They both took the same car model for the test, and went after driving courses A and B respectively. However, Yeji adorably admitted that Ryujin won the bet as Yeji had strayed off the course.

These girls are absolutely adorable! Check out the girls clocking out off work after their appearance on the radio show!


Source: Newsen