ITZY’s Ryujin and Yuna Have An Interesting Connection To BTS

ARMY is envious.

Yuna and Ryujin from JYP Entertainment’s new girl group, ITZY, have been getting a lot of praise for their killer visuals.

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But did you know that both girls have an interesting connection to BTS?

Both Ryujin and Yuna featured in the LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel that was released by BTS in late 2017 before the start of the Love Yourself series of albums.

In the video, Ryujin had a romance brewing with J-Hope.

But Jimin was also smitten with her and got caught recording her distractedly.

Yuna, meanwhile, had a hospital romance going on with Jungkook.

The pair bonded during a time when they were both hospitalized, the highlight reel takes place in the BTS universe.

This fictional romance ended rather unfortunately, as most things seem to in the BTS universe.

ARMYs are very envious of the girl’s interactions with BTS.


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