ITZY Share All Of The Reasons Why They Love Interacting With MIDZY So Much

ITZY truly love MIDZY!

ITZY just closed out their US showcase tour “ITZY? ITZY” with a dazzling performance in New York City on January 26. And to talk about all the experiences from their tour, they just sat down with Lai Frances from BUILD.

Image: @ITZYofficial/Twitter


During the interview, Lai mentioned noticing how consistently ITZY had gone live throughout their tour and asked how important communicating with MIDZY is for them.

So I’ve noticed that you guys tended to livestream in between your whole tour this year. That’s so much dedication so much love for your fans. How important is communicating for all of you with all your MIDZY around the world?

— Lai Frances


As soon as Lai had finished the question, Ryujin immediately jumped in to explain just how important MIDZY is to them and explained that fans have always shown their love and support for ITZY.

First of all, MIDZY is very meaningful for us because if there was no MIDZY we couldn’t have come to the states and we couldn’t have done the tour. MIDZY are very meaningful to us. They always greet us and always support us day and night.

— Ryujin


With all that love and support coming from MIDZY, of course, ITZY wants to show a whole lot of love and support right back! And the best way to do that was by meeting them through lives!

I think communicating with them is a very natural thing, a very sure thing. And I really like to communicate with them. So I think it’s very important.

— Ryujin


Talking with MIDZY, however, isn’t just about sending their love to MIDZY. Chaeryeong also added that communicating with fans is also a very healing experience!

When we communicate with our fans we receive healing too.

— Chaeryeong


There’s no doubt that ITZY truly love MIDZY with their whole hearts. Experience all that love for yourself starting below: