ITZY’s World Tour Is Being Advertised On TikTok… With A Hilarious Mistake

“I thought this was a fan account.”

ITZY recently announced their first world tour, ITZY THE 1ST WORLD TOUR CHECKMATE much to the delight of fans. Along with the news have come advertisements for the concerts, some with hilarious results.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Though fans are excited for the tour, some have reservations about it considering the venue capacities, which they believe are too small to meet the demand to see the girl group. Ultimately, though, it’s an exciting time for ITZY.

Naturally, the tour is being advertised online. Some fans even came across an ad for the concerts on their TikTok “For You” page. This type of video isn’t visible on ITZY’s official TikTok profile but appears as an ad.

The advertisement contains the video from ITZY’s CHECKMATE Concept Film #1 which was previously released to promote the group’s upcoming album along with the date that tickets go on sale.

While the video contains the audio from the Concept Film, fans quickly noticed that it also includes a TikTok sound, seemingly unintentionally.

The addition of the song KRYPTO9095‘s “Woah” (feat. D3Mstreet) led to a hilarious overall video.


Get ready MIDZYs!ITZY THE 1ST WORLD TOUR On sale June 29th at 3PM local time.

♬ Woah (feat. D3Mstreet) – KRYPTO9095

Many fans who viewed the ad were confused by the layered audio.

| TikTok
| TikTok

Some fans who stumbled across the video initially assumed it was from a fan account before realizing that it was official.

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Others thought their phone glitched and that was why they heard the overlapping audios.

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Some even argued that it “worked” with the video’s vibe. Fans didn’t seem upset by the slight mess-up. Instead, they laughed at the hilarious final product.

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Regardless of the ad, the girl group is in high demand. Even before the video, the need for concert tickets appeared high, leading to frustration among fans. You can read more about it here.

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