ITZY’s Yeji Reveals Why She Was Jealous Of Lia During Their Trainee Days

In turn, Lia revealed why she was not!

ITZY‘s Yeji and Lia might be as close as two peas in a pod now, but that wasn’t always the case! Back during their trainee days, the two weren’t more than acquaintances, and Yeji revealed why she used to be jealous of Lia!

On the latest episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021, Yeji and Lia were the next members to be paired up, and talked about their trainee days and the dynamic they share as friends!

Talking about their friendship back in the day, Lia shared how their relationship was purely a competitive one!

At that time, we definitely competed with one another. We couldn’t comfortably express our feelings. We were also a bit shy.


Yeji then revealed that she was envious of Lia the most during singing practice! Praising her vocals, Yeji shared that Lia’s voice stood out the most to her!

I envied you for a lot of things. Honestly out of all the trainees, your voice stood out the most. Your voice had a distinct characteristic. And whenever we had monthly evaluations, I always envied your voice. Honestly, you have to be born with it.


Lia then hilariously shared how she never envied Yeji at all, simply because Yeji was way too good a trainee to have negative thoughts about!

I didn’t feel competitive towards you at all. You were too high up to be able to compete with. [I just said], ‘Wow, Yeji is so good!’


These two talented ladies may not have known it back then but fans can all agree that the two complement each others’ specialties so well! And that’s why ITZY is ITZY!

Watch them talk about it here!