ITZY’s Yeji Takes The Wheel…And Things Get Chaotic

“A happy drive or a drive to hell?” 🤣

Yeji and Lia take the road in ITZY‘s brand new vlog, featuring their quest for hot dogs. However, the whole adventure is easier said than done, especially if you are newer to driving like Yeji!


The struggles began before they started the car, trying to get the GPS bluetooth to work. This might have been foreshadowing what was to come!

However, once they got going, things went a bit smoother. Yeji kept talking to cheer herself on, which any beginner can do to boost their confidence.

However, she soon realized that getting your directions confused is never fun!

As with all newer drivers, there were some hilarious struggles. When it was time to pull over for a gas refill, her parking choice was questionable…

…and she just might have lowered the wrong window. Don’t worry, Yeji, we saw nothing!

In the end, she must have enjoyed the experience since she can’t wait to bring the rest of ITZY on a road trip, too!

All five of us, I hope we go for a drive together!

— Yeji

MIDZYs can’t wait for more of Yeji’s driving in the future. For now, she just drives us crazy with how cute she is!

Watch the full vlog of Yeji and Lia’s adventures below.