“Why Is She Not On The Album Cover?” — Fans Send Trucks To JYP Entertainment To Call For Better Treatment Of ITZY’s Yeji

Fans call for better treatment.

Fans of ITZY’s Yeji recently sent protest trucks to the JYP Entertainment building. The trucks were sent to the building on July 25, 2023.

Fans called for fair treatment, citing that Yeji had been left out of the cover of the limited edition version of the group’s upcoming album.

The trucks carried the following messages.

  • Yeji is doing so good, but the 2nd management division f*cking sucks at their job. Why isn’t Yeji on the cover of the limited edition album?
  • As soon as Yeji appeared in “CHOOSE ME,” I was so moved that my tears filled up the Han River. What about you, Park Jin Young?

  • NO to weird hairstyles. NO to tacky makeup. YES to styling that keeps up with the generations.
  • Give aggressive support for their personal social medias! Give us her individual magazine covers, dance covers!
  • When will you solve the issue of malicious comments and sasaengs?

A look at the preview for their upcoming album, KILL MY DOUBT, showed that Ryujin, Lia, and Yuna were on the cover of the limited edition version. It is possible that Chaeryeong and Yeji would be on the back.

The trucks were sent by Hwang Yeji CN fan union. Many fans are supportive of this decision.


Source: Theqoo


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