ITZY’s Yuna Breaks Down In Tears During Live Broadcast

Protect her at all costs. 😭

During a recent live broadcast, ITZY‘s Yuna became emotional when sharing her thoughts with fans.


After receiving first place on MCountdown for their new single “Mafia In The Morning,” Yuna discussed how her and Chaeryeong wished that they could see MIDZYs in person during this exciting time.

Achieving their fastest first-place prize in 6 days, they beat their previous record with their single, “Dalla Dalla” which achieved first place after 9 days. Sadly, fans are still not able to attend music shows in person to share the special memory with artists.

‘What a great memory would it have been for us to see and congratulate each other on our #1 and have an encore with MIDZYs on a day like this.’

— Chaeryeong, quoted by Yuna

However, Yuna revealed that she was still able to get in contact with fans through the app DearU Bubble which allows fans and artists to communicate.

I read every single message on there and there were only words of gratitude.

— Yuna

Yuna couldn’t contain her tears and gratitude as she thanked MIDZYs for their undying love and support.

Although I’m not that great of a person like MIDZYs think, I’m just one of many 19-year-olds…

— Yuna

…but MIDZYs always make me feel more special, so I think I can be more confident both on and off stage.

— Yuna

Yuna might think she is a regular 19-year-old, but her humility and maturity continue to inspire fans around the world. MIDZYs love you, Yuna!